Evangelisation through theatrical performances is more newsworthy than ever, espacially in order to meet the youngest ones.


Anybody can involved and get engaged in the Good News Messangers Brotherhood, wherever you are from, whoever you are, married or single, layperson or consecrated person.


The association named : «  les baladins de l’évangile » enters into this dynamic of new evangelisation the Pope and Archbishops support, a new way to join all our brothers in Jesus Christ.


Catechesis out of acting.
« We have to create a group in order to save our youth faith, to help them to hear and to answer God’s invitation, and this will accur by the Passion of the Christ. »


intuition reçue par le père Jean Vieilledent le 10 juillet 1960

Intuition received by Father Jean Vieilledent on the tenth of july, 1960

Soutien spirituel

Religious support

The Good News Messangers Brotherhood is the Baladins‘s religious support.
Serge Solignac is their founding father.
How beautiful they are, on the mountains, the steps of the messangers coming to announce the Good News, and the salvation proclaiming : « Your God is reigning ! »



The « Baladins de l’évangile » do not live in a community. You commit within the Brotherhood of The Good News but it is not a necessity to live in Salvagnac or in its surroundings


Their story takes its roots in Rome, in 1960 when Father Jean Vieilledent had a revelation about the creation of a group helping faith to grow in people’s heart. This beautiful story goes on !



Jean Vieilledent

Tenth of july 1960 : San Peter’s Basilica in Rome, next to Pie X reliquary

 A priest in charge of a parish in Aveyron, South of France, Father Jean Vieilledent (1924-2008), has an intuition : 

 « We’ve got to create a group in order to save our youth faith to help them to hear and answer God’s invitation and this will occur by The Passion of the Christ. »


1961-1970 : Witnesses on stage.

Ten years for the creation of « The Passion Company »

Several performances all over the Aveyron département


The seventies

1971-1974 : The first structure : » Le Foyer de l’Amitié » (Friendship Home)

February 1971, creation of the association of « Le Foyer d’Amitié ». At the end of each week, Bor presbytary is submerged. A great number of young persons eager to nourish their soul and their faith, gather.
Some of them will become priests.


1975–1985 :  On Stage, contemplative people
How to be heard from Mary, praying Her : prayer beads, rosary, which are the pilars of our inner life.

To perform becomes and reveals The Sacred Mystery : worship of Jesus, Eucharist in the backstage area while performance is going on on stage where the ones who are playing are not anylonger actors but messangers, messangers of God speaking through them. And the members of the audience praying intensivly, by watching and listening.


1985–1989 :  Salvagnac.

 Buying and rebuilding of a farm in the Tarn et Garonne. This farm will be the rallying place for « Le Foyer de l’Amitié » . Il will become the Home Sweet home for all of those who gave their time to the association The Brotherhood of the Good News, the Messangers of Jesus and his Mother Mary.

June the fourteenth 1989 : The Chapel is consacrated by the Bishop of diocese.

Thence, religious celebrations take place in the chapel every day of the week.

August 1989–August 1991 : From Santiago to Czestochowa.

The two pilgrimages for the fourth and sixth Day for the World Youth Days give the opportunity to present the show in foreign languages. Spanish, Polish and so on.



The nineties

 1991-1997 : First flight of the community

March 1993 : Jacques, then Yves, and then Father Vieilledent join the community.

The company performs in : le stade Massot in Puy-en-Velay for 900 serving brothers which is a very important event.

August 1997 : Worl Youth Days in Paris

The Company was there in Paris, in two different places : in the CNIT (Centre des nouvelles industries et technologies) and in La Défense in Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois Church.



THE 2000s

 1998–2005 : TheMessangers of the Good News.

 On the fifth of July 1998, His Grace Bernard Housset, Bishop of Montauban, receives Guy’s , Jacques’s , Serge’s and Yves’s vows and proclaimed the community as a private association composed of laypersons. This being the first step toward the solemnisation of the group. At the end of the celebration, Serge was asked to be the priest of the place and he accepted.

2005–2008 : « Les Baladins » around Europe .

Spring 2005 : a tour of Fribourg Brisgau, in Germany .

Summer 2005:a tour in Romania and discovery of the Greek and Orthodox Catholic Church.
Then World Youth Days in Cologne ( Germany)

2006 : Performances in chaplaincies for public and private schools.
Setting up of the hungarian version of the show : The Passion.

2008 : World Youth Days in Sydney

« les Baladins » performed in Melbourne in the presence of His grâce Bernard Ginoux.

The show went on with « Mary » in Pacy sur Eure, « The Passion » in Caussade etc...


2010 : The community of "Les Baladins de l’Évangile"

Lthe association of the "foyer de l Amitié" becomes the "Community of « Les Baladins de l’Évangile." New means of communication appear leading to new exchanges and new projects . New commitments and new appointments are possible and members are now linked by faith and spirit in spite of distance.

2011 : WYD in Madrid whose Michael Lonsdale is the Godfather.

Nineteenth of November 2012 ; Death of Georgette Blaquière, théologian, catholic novelist and author of texts such as "Mary and the women in the New Testament ».

2016 : WYD in Poland

Before the official opening of the WYD , « les Baladins » performed involving many people from the audience and from many different countries.

 July 2018 : 3 shows are given during a tour in Poland.



 From mars 2020 : Public health emergency stopped any action.

juillet 2020 : Les Baladins are 60 years old and act "Mary"  in Salvagnac.

21 september 2020 : death of Michael Lonsdale, the narrator of the show "The Passion"

July 2021 : Les Baladins celebrated their "60 + 1 year". 

More than one hundred persons were there around the company.
Changes and regulation of the statutes of the association becoming "Les Baladins de l'Evangile".

From now, commitments and vows will be done within « The Good News Messangers Brotherhood ».


 And the Baladins’s adveture goes on…